BDY-F113 F-1 Body 'JLB03 Type A'

Model No. BDY-F113
Name F-1 Body 'JLB03 Type A'
Status In Stock
Price USD 26.67
Gross Weight 147.00 g
Net Weight 105.50 g
Color -
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Carkit Remarks
3RACING KIT-F113 ---

3 Racing’s new F1 body the ‘JLB03 Type A’, made for popular direct drive F1 chassis is our first pure bred F1 race body. Incorporating crucial aerodynamic properties, the JLB03 body features fins on the nose part of the body providing essential front down force, narrow and angled raise side pods has proven to provide better stability during high speed cornering and the upper air inlet has been lowered giving a lower over height of the body. Fits the Tamiya F104 and 3 Racing’s coming soon F113 and other narrow F1 chassis with a longitudinally mounted battery pack.

ABS plastic driver also included to maintain its realistic F1 body look.

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