3RAC-GS02 Anti Wear Grease (3g)

Model No. 3RAC-GS02
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Anti Wear Grease (3g)
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Gross Weight 30.00 g
Net Weight 11.00 g
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3 Racing's anti wear grease was formulated to prevent excessive metal to metal wear in drivetrain components. Nano particles within the grease creates a thin barrier on the metal's surface protecting it from any abusive abrasion resulting in maximum durability of drivetrain parts. Use on any metal to metal surface where abrasion is unavoidable such as ball diff thrust bearings, in between any bearing and metal contact surface like wheel axle and bearings, driveshaft coupling and pins, gears etc.
Be sure to clean any excessive build up of dust adhering to exposed components where anti wear grease has been applied.

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